I should have brought him to you a couple of years ago

Hi Rob, I just want to give you some positive feedback, my son Alexei is in your Thursday 6:15 class. In just two classes I can see a huge improvement in his movements, your instructors are great and correct him continuously.

After the second practice Alexei says to me “Dad, my crossovers are so much better, and they even know my name! “

They only downfall is that I should have brought him to you a couple of years ago. Looking forward to continuous training with you guys.
Nick Nohos
Father of Alexei

I just want to send a note to thank you

I just want to send a note to thank you. Two years ago my son Hayden entered one of your camps and was in over his head. Instead of just taking our money, Rob explained to Hayden that he should go to some skating schools first. This is what Hayden did. He decided to try 3 Zones again for one of the pre-tryout camps this year. Although he was not the best player on the ice he was rewarded for his efforts and was given a 3 Zones hat. This meant more to him than getting on any rep team. 3 Zones (especially Rob and Chris) have taught him how to set goals and to work for them. These skills will help him in all areas of his life, not just hockey. This house league player is now going into the tryouts, not expecting to make the team, but knowing that he worked very hard and has achieved one of his goals. Thanks again.
Christy Hayden-Murphy
Mother of Hayden Murhpy
Ajax Knights Bantam A

Rob knows how to motivate

3 Zones Instructor, Rob, has been instrumental in the development of Tyler as a hockey player. Rob knows how to motivate Tyler, instills a solid work ethic and brings him up to the best level he can be in his development. Rob is a great instructor and has a wealth of knowledge towards the game of hockey. He can improve anyone’s hockey ability.
Paul Seguin
Father of Tyler Seguin

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