3 Zones Head Instructors with Mitch Marner
after winning Memorial Cup 2016


Mitch Marner Toronto Maple Leafs
3 Zones Hockey School Student Mitch Marner Toronto Maple Leafs
Ethan Keppen Vancouver Canucks
3 Zones Hockey School Student Ethan Keppen Vancouver Canucks
Anthony Cirelli Tampa Bay LIghtening
3 Zones Hockey Student Anthony Cirelli Tampa Bay Lightening
Christian Dvorak Arizona Coyotes
3 Zones Hockey School Student Christian Dvorak Arizona Coyotes
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3 Zones Hockey School

3 Zones Hockey School was established in 2000. We pride ourselves in being Durham’s largest Hockey Development School. We have been able to establish this with very little advertising, as our classes fill up with repeat customers and referrals. What sets us apart from all other schools is our student to instructor ratio. Some classes are 2-1 while our maximum ratio is 4-1.

Rob and his team of qualified experienced instructors are the key to our program’s success. They instill the values of work ethic, discipline, teamwork and focus for all of the students. These skills can be used, not only in hockey, but in real life situations.

3 Zones Hockey School focuses on proper demonstration, required correction, and repetition of the skill. These basics are the key building blocks for any player to succeed at all levels.

Explore our web site for more information on our programs and instructors.

To contact us call 905-430-1456 or fill in the form below.


3 Zones Hockey School is listed with the Oshawa Minor Hockey Association