The 3 zones team were excellent role models

My son attended his first class during the 2010 season and eventually graduated from the beginners line to the experienced group and eventually to semi and private lessons. With his minor hockey career coming to a close and in reflection; I have to say, over the years the 3zones team taught my son a number of life skills to help him prepare for his life journey.  He learned in a positive environment how to work hard and focus on his goals.

The 3 zones team were excellent role models that helped to build confidence and taught him how to converse with adults with confidence.  The environment gradually became more fun as my son built confidence in the environment.  There is a group of trainers from very experienced and passionate trainers to role models in the community.  I am sincerely grateful to Rob and the team for helping to build a confident young man ready to play in the beers leagues.

Without hesitation, I would embark on this journey again!